Firstly           Did anyone find a county tie clip on the night of our presentation night?  If anyone                           has seen it can they please let me know

Secondly       I've received an enquiry from a Mrs Donna Dinsdale

                           She is after some advice, her father, Alan Healey used to play at Southwik(he died                            5 years ago) and she is in possession of her father's woods and she was hoping one                             of us might be able to guide her in what a respectful price would be good to ask for.

                         The first set are Drake's Pride Professional size 3H in brown and some Henselite                              super-grip bowls size 5 black they are in a black 2 layer carry bag and there are 2                              jacks and  a 9' clubhawk measuring  tape.

                       If anyone can help her contact details are  -  07855518455

Thirdly         I had contact via the website chat from Rayfiel Matthews enquiring if his uncle                                 Rayfiel Haines was a member of our club.  Mr Matthews is trying to track him down                        as the only contact number he has is not in use, they do know that he moved to                                     Budapest, his family need to find him as his sister has passed away, so if anybody                               remembers him can you please contact 07809566007